If you have snapper and/or casino information not in the website, please feel free to send them in by email. If you have a chip in very good and/or better condition than what is already in the, you can email also your upgrade to get Credit.

Ideal suggested height & width is 250×250 pixels, a resolution of 300 dpi and please send the scans of both sides.

Photos of the casino/hotel logo, facade, signage, owner and/or operator, the grand opening and closing dates, the name of the hotel and/or building, cruise ship and/or cruise line, bowling center, entertainment complex, restaurant, cinema, racetrack and/or hippodrome,
shopping mall, public market, metro station ground or tube, nightclub and/or striptease joint, home and social club if initial or monogram,
charity organization, casino party night and if different from the casino name. If you know the old name or business and the new name after rebranding in the same site, this information will be helpful.

Form Details

  • Send a scan of one side only if both sides of the chip are the same.
  • Send a scan of each side if the sides of the chip are different.
  • Chip scans must be at minimum 300 DPI.
  • Maximum file size: 250K
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