This website is all about the ‘snappers’ only.

The sole purpose of having this website is to provide a sort of database scans and maybe as first approximation information on the world of snappers. Snappers Without Borders is about casino and cruise chips, tokens and jetons; which include loosely illegal gambling clubs; home games; fund raising charity organizations and manufacturer’s chip samples.

The denominations includes but not limited to $2.50, 250, 2.5 euro, 2 1/2, 2$50, 2.50$, 2/6 two shillings & six pence [British pre Sterling], dos y media and whatever the country’s casino try to depict their currency system in their gambling chips, jetons and tokens around the world.

It is fun to see. Enjoy your stay while you can and when you are done, please do come back again.

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