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William “Bill” Delage R-8892 who joined the Casino Collectible Association in Oct. 2017, wrote
“spent some time on your website this weekend and it is fantastic. The site looks great, very modern, clean, and professional looking. The picture of the casinos along with the snappers was a great idea. There is a lot of information there and it is well organized, I can tell that you put a tremendous amount of time into it.”


  • Oleg Romanenko – A young budding chip enthusiast, with experience in casino life with website to show case his growing collections of worldwide chips and has a large follower of visitors. He is in Reutov, Russia.


  • Charles Kaplan and The Chip Guide has 190,739 items plus the daily additions is the product of his combine experience and knowledge of a programmer with the passion of collecting chips you see the “masterpiece” result MoGH shown here.


  • Charles Kaplan & The Global Chip Guide has redrawn the world map as a “chiptographer”. The six continents of the world, their regions, and respective countries are presented in the casino chips and casino collectible items.


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