Our Motto

The motto encourages you to collect “by this chip thou shall collect” the Latin translation “prope pecuniam eam colliges”, as you can see from the SWB chip logo – the basic philosophy of setting up this website is to promote and encourage any visitor who is not a chip collector yet to get into the fun and exciting hobby of chip collecting and eventually joining together and organizing a chip collectors club in your country or region.

Start Collecting

Would you like to start collecting casino chips and get a free “chips starter seed” to grow in area? Or would like to join the CC&GTCC and be a member of this prestigious and international chip collectors club? Write for details on how to get your free starter chips delivered to your door, some restrictions may apply.


The Snappers Without Borders serve as a ‘clearing house’ for both us, to the one who has snappers to offer to find someone who might need them and to the other who needs to collect to be able to find more easily than searching the Internet: it has two main objectives in mind also to help you find someone who might need it and use SWB to facilitate a multi trade transactions.

Why Trade?

Trading casino chips is the very best and cheapest way of collecting chips. You can easily add up into your collection and let it grow exponentially without costing you a limb. You can get and obtain casino chips in your neighborhood casinos and offer them here at SWB at no cost. The SWB is our facilitator for the trade; very soon you will have one additional contact of chipping buddy, later on 10 additional contacts and so on ad infinitum.

Why Collect?

Collecting chips has been a very rewarding experience for many people all over the world. The educational value of learning the chip source country’s history of the people, the culture, the politics, the geography, and the economy is a better way of promoting friendship and exchange of chips and ideas on each others’ country.

Why Sell?

If you are only interested to sell your snapper or $2.50, jetons and cruise chips send me the scan of both sides and price them respectively. We are always buying duplicates to improve what we already have or to use as reserve or to trade with other snapper or $2.50 collectors. Feel free to send your scans or list of $2.50 snappers to trade.


BUY-SELL-TRADE one of these exchange methods of transaction will do the trick. In a situation that no collector wanted what you have to trade and the other collector who has what you wanted did not want what you had to offer and a three-way trade is not workable then either BUY OR SELL. Wait a minute you are thinking of ‘one on one’ trade but with the SWB as a facilitator of trade, one on one means you are one and the other one is the whole world of chip collectors waiting and wanting to see your casino chip.

Contact us with the form below for any questions that you would like to address, comments, suggestions, inclusions or to upgrade. When you send us your chip scans for sell and/or trade, please include scans of your wanted chips or a wish list.

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